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State Cell Incharge & Supportive Staff
SL NO. Name of the Cell  Name of the Cell  Incharge
& Suppotive Staff
Designation  Contact Number  Email-ID 
1 Child Health  &    Routine Immunization Cell  Dr. Veena Sinha  Deputy Director  9431398613
Dr. Ajit Kumar Prasad Medica Officer 9204788903
Mrs. Punam Kerketta  Computer Operator  9835560896  
Mr. Amar Bharti  Computer Assistant     
2 Family Planning  Cell  Dr. M. N. Lal  Additional Director 9204788908
Mrs. Gunjan Khalkho  State Co- ordinator
(Family Planning )

Mrs. Santna Kumari  Demographer (Family Planning ) 9431360082
Mr. Ajit Kr. Choudhary  Computer Operator  9631660572  
3 State Programme Unit Cell  Dr. D.K. Singh  Additional Director  9430151602
Mrs. Akay Minz  State Programme Manager (Incharge) 9204751662
Mr. Sanjeet Kr. Choudhary  Executive Assistant (SPMU ) 9279901373
Mr. Navin Kumar  Computer Operator   
4 State Finance Cell  Dr. Ramesh Prasad  Director Finance  9431754816
Mr. Ranjeet Ranjan Pathak State Finance Manger  9431103015  
Mr. Prateek Mittal  C. A. 9570171514  
Mr. Umesh Prasad  State Account Manger  9204750743
Mr. Manoj Kr. Mahto  Administration & Finance Officer  9204788918  
Mr. Pawan Kumar  Executive Assistant (Finance Cell )  9204788928  
Ms. Nisha Kumari  Executive Assistant (Finance Cell )  8651120484  
Mr. Shambhu Singh  Cashier  9798577378  
Mr. Tobiyas Runda Head Clerk 9204780384  
Mr. Ashotosh Kumar  Data Entry  Operator  9199991771  
5 State Human Resourse Cell  and Legal Cell  Mr. Asif Ekram  Adiministrative Officer  9570073829  
Mr. Manish Kumar Consultant, Human Resource 9204788913
Mr.Subodh Kumar  Saharma  Executive Assistant (HR  Cell )  9031002225
Mr. Siraj  Clerk 9204780384  
Mr. Ajay Kumar  Clerk 9471323129  
6 State Data  Cell, Health Management Information System, Mother & Child Tracking System Dr. U. C. Sinha  Cell head RBSK, RSBY 9431520758
Mr. Subrat Roy MIS Consultant 9204788919
Mrs Nita Kujur  State Demographer 9204788920
Mr. Subodh Kumar  State Data Manager  9204950015
Mr. Debashish Jana  Data Manager 9204788921
7 Materanl Health Cell  Dr.A. K. Choudhary  C. S. Ranchi 9431101299  
Dr. Depawali  Medical Officer 9234612220  
Dr. Upendra Kr. Sinha  SRCH Officer  9334723092
Mrs. Mayuri Gupta Computer Operator  9470521196
Mr. Amar Bharti  Computer Operator
8 State Training Cell  Dr. Sumant Mishra  Director, Health Services  9263630008
Mrs. Suchandra Panda State Training Consultant 9204788915
Mr. Shyam Sundar Kumar  Computer Operator
9 NGO  Cell  Dr. A. D. N. Prasad Deputy Director 9771708090
Mr. Neel Ranjan Singh State Cold Chain Officer 9204788911
Mr. Rajiv Prasad  Incharge NGO Coodinator  9204780388
10 Infrastructure  Cell  Dr. L. N.P. Bara  Deputy Director 9430162578  
Mr. Rocky S. Ekka Computer Operator  9905764927
11 Monitoring & Evaluation  Cell  Dr. U. C. Sinha    9431520758
Mr. Praful Mallik State M&E Consultant 9204788910
Mr. Shashi Shekhar  Computer Operator     
12 Procurement and  Cold Chain  Dr. M. N. Lal  Additional Director  9204788908  
Mr. Neel Ranjan Singh State Cold Chain Officer ( Cell Incharge)  9204788911
Mr. Praveen Singh Katiyar  TACC (State) CCO Member  9204751658  
Mr. Ranjit Walter Kujur  Procurement Consultant 9279901375  
Mr. Rajiv Prasad  Executive Assistant (NGO Coodinator  )  9204780388
Mr. Pradeep Kumar  Computer Operator     
13 PCPNDT& ARSH Cell  Dr. Jaya Prasad  Deputy Director (ARSH Cell ) 9431166257
Dr. Vidya Gupta  SAA PCPNDT 9470978262  
Mrs.Rafat Farzana  State Co- ordinator
Mr. Sanjay Kumar  Executive Assistant (ARSH )  9279901371  
Mr. Manorama Tudu Executive Assistant (ARSH )  9934567929  
Mrs. Punam Kerketta  Computer Assistant  9835500896  
14 IEC/ BCC Cell  Mr. A. D. N. Prasad  Deputy Director 9771708090
Mr. Ajay Kr. Sharma State Media Consultant 9204855275
Mr. Pankaj Kumar  IEC Cordinator F.P. Cell  9835731135
Mr. Ramesh Kumar Block Extension Educator 8986638405
Mrs. Purnalata Kundu  Health Educator 9835610322
Mr. Lalit Kumar Health Educator 7759808159
Miss Puja Sinha  Computer Operator  9334438898
15 Community Moblization /Sahiya Cell  Dr. Pradeep Baskey    9431102461  
Mrs. Akay Minz  State Programme Co- ordinator  9204751662
Mr. Manir Ahmad  Training Coodinator - VSRC ( Sahiya) 9263630009
16 Quality Assurance  Dr. Rakesh Dayal    9431100664  
Ms Madhumita Prabha Quality Assurance Cosultant 9279901372
Mr. Kedar nath Gupta  Quality Assurance Cosultant 9204950029
Dr. Shama Bano  Quality Assurance Cosultant 9204950030
17 Jansamvad, RTI Cell  Dr. Raj Mohan  State Blindness Control Officer 9263630858
Mr. Rajesh Kumar  Statistical Supervisor 9204751649  
18 State Ayush Cell  Dr.  Ravindra Rai  Nodal  Officer, AYUSH 9472136161
Dr. Anuj Mandal  Coodinator AYUSH  9835125276
Mr. Manjay Kumar Singh  Computer Operator 
19 State  SHSRC  Cell  Dr. Sumant Mishra  Director, Health Services 9263630008
Mrs. Subhadra Kujur Training Coordinator SHSRC  9234531135
20 IT and E-Governance Cell Dr. Raj Mohan State Blindness Control Officer 9263630858
Mr. Avanindra Kumar System Analyst  9204788931
21 IPH  Dr. Sumant Mishra Director, IPH  9263630008
Mr. Niraj Kumar  Hostal Manager  9771579170
Mr. Kushal Dev  Liberian 9097566937
Miss. Neelam  Jha  Project Associate 9334656551
Miss.  Marry  Anchala Adward Training Officer 9939957888
22 NCD Cell over all incharge Dr. L. R. Pathak Medical Officer 9431370087  
23 State NUHM, Nursing Cell, Medical Colleges  Dr. Manju Kumari  Jha Director, Health   9204788912
Mrs. Usha Roy   Programme Coordinator 9304547651  
Mrs. Bibha Kumari Singh   Computer Operator 8804462427  
24 Health Directorate Dr. Praveen Chandra Director in Chief, Health Services 9204855272
Dr. Sumant Mishra Director 9263630008  
Dr. Manju Kumari Jha Director, Medical Education 9470360486, 7250778433  
Dr. Pusha Maria Beck Director 9431528122  
Dr. Ramesh Prasad Director, Plan and Admin 9431754816  
Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Chaudhary Director 9431101299, 9279901374  
Dr. D. K. Singh Addl. Director  9430151602  
Dr. Veena Sinha Deputy Director 9334745505  
Dr. M. N. Lal Deputy Director 9431144354, 9204788908  
Dr. Jaya Prasada Deputy Director 9431166257  
Dr. Ajit Kumar Prasad Deputy Director 9204788903  
Dr. Pradeep Basky Deputy Director 9431166257  
Dr. A. D. N. Prasad Deputy Director 9431116011  
Dr. Kameshwar Prasad Deputy Director 9431307246  
Dr. L. N. P. Bara Deputy Director 9661482120  
25 National Program Officers Dr. Vijay Nath Khann State Malaria Officer 9431587275  
Dr. Murali Manohar Sengupta State Laprosy Eradication Officer 9470929477  
Dr. Vidya Gupta State TB Officer 9431100664  
Dr. Raj Mohan State Blindness Control Officer 9263630858  
Dr. Ramesh Prasad IDSP 9431754816  
26 Regional Depuy Directors Dr. Navin Kumar Sinha Kolhan 9431429875  
Dr. Deepali Day South Chhotanagpur 9430345742  
Dr. aleksus Ekka Santhal Pargana 9955301867  
Dr. T. P. Barnwal South Chhotanagpur 9431367300  
Dr. Ram Lakhan Rajak Palamu 8292403908  
27 Government Vaccine Institute Dr. Praveen Chandra Superintendant 92047855272  
Dr. Upendra Kumar Sinha State RCH Officer 9334723092  
Dr. Jaya Prasad Deputy Superintendant 9431166257  
Dr. Himanshu Bhushan Barwar Assit Superintendant 9470132699  
28 Drug Department Dr Ritu Sahay Director in Chief 7564903403  

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