Mission Director Desk

Message from Mission Director

Director Desk Providing accessible, affordable and accountable quality health care to its people particularly those in remote and difficult areas has been one of the priorities for the State of Jharkhand since its formation. Inception of the National Rural Health Mission has provided the scope to restructure and bring about reforms into the existing Public Health system in the state. In accordance with the objectives of the National Rural Health Mission, Jharkhand has made efforts to work with the wider determinants of health like nutrition, women empowerment, education, sanitation etc in coordination with respective stakeholders at different levels. Efforts have been made to facilitate community participation in planning, implementation and monitoring of health programs and promote community leadership to address women empowerment and gender issues in health. Despite constraints in meeting the healthcare needs, the State has been successful in bringing down the Infant Mortality Rate and Maternal Mortality Rate; in maintaining the case detection rates and cure rate for Tuberculosis, Leprosy Prevalence Rate and close to achieving Malaria Mortality Reduction Rate at par with the NRHM goals. I am pleased to present this website of the National Rural Health Mission Jharkhand that aims to promote the endeavors of the State towards “health care to the last village, the last household and the last person,” facilitate easy accessibility of information regarding healthcare advancements in the state and to encourage participation of a wider range of people in health development in the state.

Dr. Bhuvnesh Pratap Singh, IAS

Mission Director- National Health Mission, Jharkhand.